TS-1001A Enteral Nutrition Pump

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The special motor cooling system has the advantages of high efficiency, low noise, reasonable structure, small size and convenient installation.All orders are shipped by UPS,or FedEx, either using your shipping account or ours. Delivery normally takes 3 to 4 business days

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Product Features
■Applicable to ordinary single line nutrition bag, special double line flushing nutrition bag, compatible with domestic and foreign manufacturers special double line flushing nutrition bag
■With a variety of infusion modes, heating function, making feeding more scientific, more comfortable for patients
▪ Intelligent voice prompt function, voice reminder of the key operations of the user during the operation of the product
■ parameter range limits, set parameters exceed the specified range, prompt the user and automatically clear the zero
Backlight mode: automatic backlight mode, manual backlight mode: always on, off or 1~10 minutes can be selected
Touch screen input mode and manual key input mode combined use, more convenient for medical personnel in a variety of scenes to use
5-inch large medical LCD display, the interface information true color display, easy to observe