Nutrient pump TS-1001A Nutrient pump technical parameters

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2.1 Speed
2.1.1 Speed range: (1~2000) ml/h, minimum step 1ml/h.
2.1.2 Speed error: ±5% or 1ml/h (after calibration, take the maximum value)
2.2 Preset amount
2.2.1 Preset volume range: (0~9999) ml, minimum step 0.1 ml.
2.1.3 Preset amount error: ±5% or 1ml (after calibration, take the maximum value)
2.3 Time setting
2.3.1 Time setting range: 1 minute ~ 24 hours 59 minutes, minimum step of 1 minute
2.1.4 Time error: ±10%
2.4 Fast discharge (fast infusion)
2.4.1 Speed range of fast discharge: (100~2000) ml/h, minimum step 1 ml/h.
2.4.2 Speed error: ±10% (after calibration, take the maximum value)
2.4.3 Fast discharge volume range: (1~100) ml, minimum step 1 ml.
2.4.4 Fast displacement error: ±10% or ±2ml (take the maximum value)
Program design note: does not suppress any alarm.
2.5 Pre-charge
2.5.1 Pre-charge speed: equal to the maximum speed of 2.16 configuration.
2.5.2 Pre-charge speed error: ±10%
Note on program design: When pre-filling, the program suppresses all alarms, and the maximum amount of infusion is to fill the pipeline; the maximum pre-filling amount of 10ml should be set in the setting interface; the pre-filling amount is not counted in the total amount.
2.6 Keep the pipeline open (KTO)
2.6.1 KTO speed range: (1~10)ml/h, minimum step 1ml/h.
2.6.2KTO speed accuracy: ±10% or ±1ml/h (after calibration, take the maximum value)
2.6.3 KTO function can be selected on and off.
Note: When the normal operating speed is less than the set speed of KTO, the original speed is maintained when switching to KTO.
2.7 With counterpumping function, the speed range and precision requirements are the same as 2.1, and the range and precision of counterpumping volume are the same as the requirements of 2.3.
2.8 Flushing function with the same speed range and accuracy as in 2.1, and the same range and accuracy of flushing volume as in 2.3.
2.9 Heating function (only heating models are applicable)
2.9.1 Temperature setting range: (30~42)℃, minimum step 0.1℃
2.9.2 Temperature control accuracy: ±1℃
2.9.3 Heating can be turned on and off optionally
2.10 Infusion mode: continuous mode and intermittent mode optional
2.11 Infusion mode
2.11.1 Continuous mode: set infusion speed (see 2.1) and infusion preset amount (see 2.2)
2.11.2 Pulse mode: Set infusion speed (see 2.1), pulse speed (see 2.1) and infusion preset volume (see 2.2).
Note: Pulse once every 1 hour, each pulse lasts 1 minute.
2.11.3 Intermittent mode; set the infusion speed (see 2.1), infusion preset volume (see 2.2), single infusion volume (see 2.2), infusion interval time (see 2.3) and number of infusions. The number of infusions is 1 to 99 with a minimum step of 1.
2.11.4 Time mode: set the infusion time (see 2.3) and infusion preset amount (see 2.2).
2.11.5 Scientific feeding mode: set the infusion speed (see 2.1) and infusion preset volume (see 2.2), where the default infusion speed is 50ml/h each time you enter this mode.
2.11.6 Flush mode: Set the infusion speed (see 2.1) and infusion preset volume (see 2.2), flush interval (see 2.3), single flush volume (see 2.2) and flush speed (see 2.1).
Note: This mode is not available for the TS-1001A and TS-1001AH.
2.12 Accumulated volume display and zeroing function
Accumulated volume range (0ml~9999ml), accumulated volume can be zeroed manually or automatically.
2.13 Battery working time
When the battery is full, the equipment has been running at a flow rate of 25ml/h for not less than 4 hours.
2.14 Blocking limits
Blockage alarm limits are: 1 block (40kPa), 2 block (60kKa), 3 block (80kPa), 4 block (100kPa).
2.15 Air bubble detection limits
The bubble detection limits are: 1 stop (400ul), 2 stop (2000ul), 3 stop (4000ul); bubble alarm is triggered when a single bubble reaches this value.
Note: TS-1001A and TS-1001AH are not applicable.
2.16 Alarm function
Prompted by sound and light when the product runs abnormally.
2.16.1 Standby timeout alarm: This alarm is available when the device is turned on and there is no operation for about 3 minutes.
2.16.2 Infusion completion alarm: This alarm is present when the preset amount of infusion set is finished.
2.16.3 Bubble alarm: (This alarm can be optionally turned off) This alarm is present when the amount of gas in the infusion line reaches the set alarm limit or when the line is not properly installed to the bubble sensor.
  Note: TS-1001B, TS-1001BH, TS-1001C, TS-1001CH are applicable. This alarm is provided when the equipment does not detect a drop falling from the drip pot of the infusion line for a long time.
Note: TS-1001A and TS-1001AH are applicable.
2.16.4 Blockage alarm: This alarm is present when the pressure value in the infusion line reaches the set alarm limit.
This alarm can be optionally turned off.
2.16.5 Battery undervoltage alarm: When the battery voltage is too low (??) , there is this alarm.
2.16.6 Battery depletion alarm: When the battery power is about to be depleted, there is this alarm.
2.16.7 AC power failure alarm: When the power supply of the network is interrupted or the power cord is disconnected and the internal power supply is automatically switched, there is this alarm.
2.16.8 Piping error alarm: This alarm is present when the infusion piping is not detected or when the infusion piping is incorrectly installed.
2.16.9 Over-temperature alarm: This alarm is present when the heater temperature exceeds the set temperature by 5℃. (Only the heating model is applicable)
2.16.10 Low temperature alarm: When the heater temperature is lower than the set temperature by 5℃, there is this alarm. (Only available for heating models), this alarm can be selected to turn off.
2.16.11 Speed abnormal alarm: When the equipment is running, if the equipment running speed deviates from the set value by more than ±20%, there is a speed abnormal alarm.
2.16.12 Door open alarm: If the pumps are open when the equipment is running, there is a door open alarm.
2.16.13 (When applicable) abnormal pipeline switching alarm: If the switching motor is not detected when the equipment needs to switch pipelines, there is an abnormal pipeline switching alarm.
2.16.14 Hardware failure alarm, abnormal motor steering, abnormal bubble sensor, abnormal pressure sensor, abnormal heating device (when applicable);
2.17 Infusion pressure not greater than 160kPa1
2.18 The maximum infusion volume under a single fault is not greater than 2ml
2.19 The maximum speed can be configured, the configuration range (100~2000) ml/h.
Note: This configuration is the upper speed of 2.1.1, 2.2.1, 2.3.1, 2.4.1, 2.5.1.
2.20 Automatic power switching
Automatically switch to battery power when AC power is disconnected; automatically switch to AC power when AC power is connected.
2.21 Parameter memory function
The device records the latest parameter information, and this function can be optionally selected off.
2.22 Parameter range limit
When the set parameter exceeds the specified range, it prompts the user and automatically clears the zero.
2.23 Information recording function
At least 40,000 historical records can be stored. The recorded data includes the following information: recording time, operation mode, delivery speed, delivery dose, alarm information, feeding total and operation information.
2.24 Backlight control
2.24.1 Brightness control Automatic backlighting mode Manual backlight adjustment: 1 gear ~ 10 gears
2.24.2 Backlight delay: always on, delay (1 minute ~ 10 minutes) off
2.25 Mute function
2.26 Alarm volume three gears (1 gear, 2 gears and 3 gears) adjustable
2.27 Keyboard lock
2.27.1 Delay time setting: 1~10 minutes
2.27.2 automatic locking control on and off of the keyboard;
Note: Automatic release of the keyboard lock when an alarm occurs.

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