TS-201C three-channel microinjection pump product features

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Easy to operate with precise infusion.
★1、Accuracy:±2% (including mechanical accuracy ±1%)
★2、Intelligent oriented page operation method, simple and clear
★3、Program presetting and data saving, efficient and convenient
4、There are 10 kinds of international units for automatic conversion of drugs, applicable to each department
5、Limit amount setting, safer and simpler drug administration
6、Applicable to any brand syringe and automatic identification of syringe specifications 5/10/20/30/50 (60) ml, to ensure injection accuracy
7, high-resolution color LCD screen, digital graphics clear dynamic display
8, can be assembled, can also be used alone.
Professional design:
★ 1, drug delivery mode: constant speed injection, time volume mode, weight mode, intermittent injection mode continuous mode, night mode
2, rapid high-dose drug delivery BOLUS
3, multi-CPU monitoring, stable performance and high reliability
4, rapid exclusion of pipeline gas function
5、Low power consumption and low noise
6、Lithium battery is easy to replace
7、Handle and fixing clip for easy operation or fixing
8、Syringe installation can be operated with one hand to meet the requirements of aseptic technology operation
★9、Data management: data upload/alarm, RS232 communication interface, upgradeable drug library and wireless monitoring and central station networking for intravenous infusion
★10、Integrated environmental protection design, to prevent the leakage of drug solution inside.
Safe and reliable:
★1、KVO mode to ensure the smooth flow of blood vessels
★2、Software error correction: automatic error correction of parameter overruns to ensure injection safety
★3、Quick push key insurance settings to ensure injection safety
★4、Unique pressure alarm, high school and low three adjustable
5, perfect alarm function: sound, light, screen prompts information, safe and reliable.
6, intelligent backup battery system, battery capacity display
7, blockage decompression function  
8, keyboard lock function
★9、Syringe extension tube can be fixed
10, the software site reset function to improve the safety of the syringe pump, to avoid the clinical risk of the syringe pump may not work properly when the software is dead

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